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AGN Composites began in the motorsport sector, establishing itself as a leading composites manufacturer and repair services to winners at Championships: Le Mans, the British Touring Car, World Endurance (WEC) and British Superbike.

AGN expanded its production capability within the film, automotive and leisure industry. AGN consists of a large team delivering high quality composite projects which offer a genuine end to end service from concept through to delivery under one roof.

# The Rundown

After being impressed with our previous projects, AGN approached us with a specific mission - “our current website is slow and ugly - please sort do your thing”.

A brand new site to be built from the ground up specifically made to show AGN off as market leaders through our team of experienced branding, and web designers.

AGN came to us knowing that we will implement good Search Engine Optimisation woven through the website code, in order to be found through Google much more prevalently. All to be hosted through our managed hosting plans, while applying several analytics tracking software AGN can view all of the sites’ users, search engine positions and more, easily from their end.

# Web & Branding

With the project initially beginning as a brand new premier web page, it quickly developed to much larger operation.

Starting with a logo for the new company - bringing a new modern design which could be used in more versatile use cases and really made them shine through as a market leader.

Then came the website, bringing many asset designs and the site its-self which incorporated modern branded animation and material design - ensuring user retention from the very first second, right the way through the page. All hosted using our secure, private, managed web hosting.

# Marketing

Marketing for this site was especially important as they already had a page prevalent on Google, but needed to really shine through as Market leaders in their field over the competition in Search Engine results.

So, we performed Search Engine Optimisation woven all throughout the website code, this paired with our fast server hosting, meant that google was able to scan and read through their shiny new page as a reliable source thus increasing search position drastically after launch.

This was all while applying several analytics tracking software so the team can view all of the sites’ users, search engine positions and more easily from their end.

Increase in website views.
to the project.
Security, backups and
custom email accounts.
Average position on Google.



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