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DIY Composites is a one stop shop for all things composites, an entry point to beginners offering tutorials, guides and complete ease of access navigating their products.

Owned by 3 directors who were inspired to start after realising that often the right quality materials and support required weren't easily available in one place, or within home projects' budgets.

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# The Rundown

Embarking our largest scale project yet we were approached by the directors ready for a new venture.

A brand-new high class e-commerce web store for selling composite products at extremly competitive prices.

Not only was the site to function well with all the bells and whistles, but also serve as a platform to host tutorials, guides and messaging. The Cold team were also to be tasked with assisting in animating and editing social media videos.

# Web & Branding

With the project initially beginning as a brand-new venture for a new e-commerce web page, it quickly developed to a much larger operation.

Starting with a logo for the new company which lead to subsequent print designs for product packaging and asset designs for the page.

Then came the website, hosting over 300 products, snazzy designs for tutorials for newbies, and a fully functioning e-commerce checkout for it all. All hosted using our secure, private, managed web hosting.

# Marketing

After the page had been completed and was ready for the world to use, there was work to do to make sure that happened.

The team here at Cold and DIY worked closely knitted to make tutorial videos and guides for their various social media pages, with designs made by Cold for signage and packaging as well as, most impressively, the animation for all of their videos.

Search Engine Optimisation followed to promote their keywords on Google, as well as Pay-Per-Click Advertising on both Facebook and Google. All accesible to see progress through our various Analytics tracking for the DIY team to view easily themselves.

How did it go.

Social media video views.
Increase in search engine presence.(yes thats with the zero!)
Months work time for the Cold team.

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