At Cold, branding is a passion of ours. For years we have taken on many branding projects, transforming businesses and individuals into recognisable brands.

We transform and create brands from all angles, whether that be video format, logo design, print (in all forms) or, in some cases, all of the above.

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# Logo Design

Throughout our years of branding, we have crafted many logos for our clients, always ensuring a stunning finish. We incorporate whole brand form in order to build a lasting finish in the eyes of your future clients.

Within our process you will always be completely satisfied before payment and we are dedicated to always getting it right for you every time.

# Asset Design

Asset design at Cold is a pride we take throughout our process, and even externally.

Whether you need photography for products, illustrations, or even stock images and premium fonts, we are committed to providing everything you need to create the highest quality finish that shows off your brand the right way.

# Video

At Cold we are an agency that produces content for all things digital, which includes design throughout photo and video.

We provide cinematography such as drone footage and promotional content all the way through to animations for a brand and long-form video editing.

We are devoted to making sure your video content is prime and creates a strong trustworthy relationship with your customers.

# Print

As an agency with a strong motto of 'everything your brand needs under a one roof', we know that sometimes design and digital is just not enough. So we ensure the process of design through to fruition of products is handled with ease.

We cover all types of print, whether that be from large format print such as signs, flyers or even company vehicles, all the way to business cards and letterheads, we've got it all covered.

How we do it.

We listen to what you
need and plan whats to
 Research styles,
trends and markets then
create a timeline.
approval from you, and
only then, we get to

Then Cold delivers every time.

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# Brand Guidelines

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