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Parallel is a multidisciplinary Sound engineering company specialising in Sound for broadcast, TV, Music and more. Conveying a strong sense of luxury in the field of tech and complication, Parallel are in the game to change it, so big agencies such as Amazon, BBC, ITV, Global and more, were ready to collaborate.

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From the engineers behind some of the biggest sound - Amazon, BBC, ITV, Global, Vevo and more; Parallel came to Cold looking for the brains to create a brand which fit exactly what they needed.

Cold crafted a bespoke branding experience, Parallel now stands as an upcoming market leader which immediately brings the feeling of luxury, cool and unyielding in the field. We stand as the sole agency to propagate all new merchandise, branded products, and going forward, the website, SEO, Social media management and more...

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so far (Jun 2024).
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Live sessions in 2023.
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